What Does iLAMs Mean?

June 1, 2012 in General, ilams.org, LAM

Choosing a name for this website was not easy.  It needed to meet specific criteria:

  1. Simple
  2. Meaningful
  3. Memorable
  4. Inclusive
  5. Matching Domain Name

iLAMs met all criteria.

The “i” stands for “indigenous,” because this website is devoted to libraries, archives and museums who have some sort of relationship with Indigenous people.  This may be through the people they serve, and/or collections they manage, as well as the people who work in them.

“LAM” stands for “Libraries, Archives and Museums,” and the “s” emphasizes the growing number of these indigenous institutions.  The inclusion of people from all of these institutions reflects the growing relationships between information professions and institutions.

Words like “tribal” and other similar words were deliberately left out because tribal membership and cultural identity can be complex and we want all to feel welcome to join and participate in this community. …because, TOGETHER, we are stronger!

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