iLAMs:  Indigenous Libraries, Archives & Museums


ilams.org provides a gathering place for Indigenous* library, archive and museum (LAM) institutions and workers to meet; to share knowledge, resources, and accomplishments; to learn from each other; to collaborate across geographical distances and political boundaries, in order to better serve the needs of our communities, so that we may affirm, preserve, and sustain our cultures and cultural values.  Together, we are stronger.


  • Community:  Members create content, such as posts and comments, to share news, resources, ideas and stories.  Members may connect with other members, and create and join groups for discussion and collaboration.
  • Inclusive:  Indigenous and non-indigenous people working in libraries, archives, museums, galleries or cultural centers, which serve Indigenous peoples are welcome. This includes professionals, paraprofessionals, and people working without the benefit of formal training, and all LAM organizations.
  • Transparent:  Genuine member profiles and profile images facilitate a sense of community.  Profiles include as much information as desired, and may be edited and customized for privacy.
  • Share:  Everyone is encouraged to share resources, best practices, ideas, challenges, as well as training and professional development opportunities, so that we may become better informed and improve our abilities.
  • Celebrate:  Sharing news and events from our institutions and communities allows us to learn from each other and celebrate our successes.
  • Affirm:  Many of these goals reflect indigenous values. This community is an extension of those values to affirm and sustain our cultural lifeways.


*The term “Indigenous” includes Aboriginal, First Nations, Indian, Inuit, Métis, Native, Tribal and similar terms.

This online community is sponsored by the Alaska Native Issues Round Table of the Alaska Library Association.

For more information, contact: ilams.org @ gmail.com